Don’t Future-Proof. Become Future-Ready

We don’t talk enough about the future, even though its unfolding around us every day. When we can see where our professions and communities and industries are going, we realize that we can embrace the future, not try to hold it back. That’s where we’ll find our biggest opportunities.

Future Here Now is for anyone who wants to understand how the fundamentals of our world are changing — and leverage these sea changes to become Future Ready. We examine big but often overlooked developments technology, communications, culture, economics, policy, and more. We lay out the profound, epochal evolution that’s unfolding under our noses - the deep societal changes that impact everything, but that we often miss in our day to day.

Readers who find Future Here Now useful run the gamut. They include small business owners, thoughtful professionals, entrepreneurs, city planners, economic developers, city managers, nonprofit leaders, policy wizards, journalists and more. What they have in common: a desire to see deeply into where we’re going, and to get ahead of what that future will require of us.

And they’re excited about the enormous potential - for ourselves as individuals, and for the organizations, issues and places we care about.

Future Here Now publishes four to five days per week. Most weeks include these segments, all focused on one big issue or development:

  • Try It On - an easy way to stick your toe in the water,

  • The Big Idea - a thoughtful exploration of how that issue is impacting all of us

  • Signals - three to five stories of concrete ways that this issue is playing out today,

  • To Do Next Week - a practical way to put what you’ve discovered into practice,

  • Selections - Interesting pieces from me or someone else I think you’ll find worthwhile.

Full subscribers get all five publications every week, plus occasional extras, like a Short Shot publication or special invitations. And all of that for only $5 a month.

Founding subscribers get the Full subscriber benefits plus one coaching call or online presentation each year — a steal at just $40 more than the Full subscribers.

Free subscribers get one of these pieces selected at random every week, plus a periodic update on events, projects and opportunities associated with the Wise Economy Workshop.

There’s a great future coming, but we all have to become Future Ready. I hope you’ll join us.



Della Rucker is the usual voice and face of the Wise Economy Workshop. Della is an urban planner, economic developer and public engagement specialist who walked away from all that for 5 years —

Because the conventional tools that she had learned to use weren’t making the impact she saw that the communities she cared about needed.

In spaces as varies as technology, higher education and advancing Black-owned entrepreneurs, she began to see some ways out of the box of her old thinking. And that’s the jouney she’s inviting you to join.

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Future Here Now tells you about important stuff that you might not find elsewhere- a fun, enjoyable and occasionally funny way. So you understand how you can help the places you care about…without getting stuck in old ways that haven’t worked before, or aren’t working today.

We’re living in an era of epoch-level transformation - like going from the Medieval era to the Industrial Revolution. But faster. A lot faster.

If we and our communities don’t ride this wave, it will swamp us. Let’s bring the Future Here, Now. Together.

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Della Rucker

Principal, Wise Economy Workshop & co- founder, Econogy. Author, Crowdsourcing Wisdom &Local Economy Revolution. Mom.Cincinnati. #econdev #publicpart #startup