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Wise Fool Press is the writing/audio-ing/video-ing platform of the Wise Economy Workshop. The Wise Economy Workshop is a center for Thinking and Doing around building healthier, more resilient local communities across the United States and worldwide.

Readers who find Wise Economy work useful include city officials, planners and economic developers, people who run nonprofits, and most importantly, regular people who want to make an impact on the future of the places that they care about.

Della Rucker is the usual voice and face of the Wise Economy Workshop. Della is an urban planner, economic developer and public engagement specialist who walked away from all that for 5 years because the tools that she had learned to use through her professional life weren’t making the impact she saw that the communities she cared about needed. In spaces as varies as technology, higher education and advancing Black-owned entrepreneurs, she began to see some ways out of the box of her old thinking. And that’s the jouney she’s inviting you to join.

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